Welcome to Exmovere Wireless:  We design mobile products based on our proprietary biosensor technology, giving people the tools to live more active lives with greater peace of mind. We develop and sell our own line of products and also work with clients on customized solutions for industries ranging from healthcare and security to transportation and automotive.  For more information, please contact us at [email protected].


4.2.14: Dear Customers, please note the online sellers on sites like eBay and Amazon are not authorized distributors of Exmovere products at this time.  We have been alerted that Empath has been offered for sale on these and other sites and we are working to have the listings taken down. Items sold through these channels will not have the latest software nor a valid warranty.  Thank you for your understanding.


1.15.14: We are happy to announce that Empath 2.0 biosensor smart watch with GSM is production ready and we are working with our distribution partners to make it available globally. For more information on becoming a distributor of Empath or any other Exmovere product, please contact us at [email protected].